Square Face Shape

Characteristics of square shaped faces

The most dominant feature of a square face shape is the angular jaw line. They appear short and wide with a lot of straight lines. The hairline and jaw line are almost horizontal with cheekbones protruding slightly.


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Hairstyles for square face shape

If you have a square face, your forehead and jawline are nearly the same width. You also have a strong jawline and wide cheekbones, which gives your face an angular, square appearance. The best hairstyles for you will soften your prominent cheeks and jaw while elongating your face. Women should go with longer styles that soften the chin, like long, graduated bobs. Men should choose hairstyles with short sides that highlight their angular features, like undercuts and buzz cuts.

Glasses for square face shape

To balance angular face features, try glasses with rounder angles and to make the face appear slightly longer, try glasses with wide frames.

Recommended glass shapes
oval style glassesgood glass
round style glassesgood glass
browline style glassesgood glass
Glass shapes to avoid
square style glassesbad glass

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