Heart Face Shape

Characteristics of heart shaped faces

They appear longer and are generally more angular. Widest at the forehead, it is sometimes elongated and pointed at the chin. The sides taper down from forehead until the chin through the cheekbones. Sometimes, it's also called reverse-triangle face shape.


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Hairstyles for heart face shape

If you have a heart shaped face, you likely have a wide forehead that gradually tapers down into a pointed chin. Because you have a prominent forehead and chin, you should choose styles that deemphasize them. Women should avoid short bobs that draw attention to the chin and jawline. Men should also avoid short hairstyles like buzz cuts and fades because they emphasize the forehead.

Glasses for heart face shape

If your face is very angular, you can try glasses with rounder angles to soften it. In general, glasses wider at the bottom can balance the narrower chin. You can also try rimless glasses or those with very thin frames.

Recommended glass shapes
aviator style glassesgood glass
geometric style glassesgood glass
round style glassesgood glass
Glass shapes to avoid
square style glassesbad glass
oval style glassesbad glass

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