Round face shape

Characteristics of round face shapes

Round faces appear wider and shorter, almost circular. They have a low round hairline, short chin and round jaw line. They are widest at the cheeks and ears.

Examples of round face shape

blonde woman with oval face shape white man with oval face shape and short hair woman with glasses and round face shape young woman with round face shape

Hairstyles for round face shape

If you have a round face, your face is nearly equal in length and width and has a soft, circular appearance. Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, so the best hairstyles will minimize your prominent cheeks while elongating your face and making it appear more oval. To lengthen the face, women should choose hairstyles that have lots of volume on top, like textured pixie cuts. Men should opt for styles that add some angles to their soft faces, such as undercuts.

Glasses for round face shape

In order to contrast and de-emphasize the roundness of the face, you can try glasses with angular frames.

Recommended glass shapes
rectangle style glassesgood glass
square style glassesgood glass

Glass shapes to avoid
browline style glassesbad glass
round style glassesbad glass
oval style glassesbad glass

Other face shapes

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