Triangle face shape

Characteristics of triangle face shapes

They often appear elongated with a wide jaw and narrow forehead. In some cases, it can appear angular. This face shape is also referred to as pear shaped face.

Examples of triangle face shape

woman with long hair and triangle face shape business man with glasses and triangle face shape man with long hair and triangle face shape woman with long hair and triangle face shape

Hairstyles for triangle face shape

If you have a triangular face, you likely have a narrow forehead and wide jawline. You should pick a hairstyle that balances your features by adding width to your forehead and softening your jawline. For women, updos and hairstyles that thin out around the chin, such as angled bobs with razored edges, are particularly flattering. Men can choose styles like quiffs that have lots of volume on top to balance their strong jawlines.

Glasses for triangle face shape

To balance a broad jawline and chin, you can use glasses which are wider at the top with a bold upper rim, such as the browline frames.

Recommended glass shapes
aviator style glassesgood glass
browline style glassesgood glass
oval style glassesgood glass

Glass shapes to avoid
square style glassesbad glass
round style glassesbad glass

Other face shapes

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