Self portrait

We built FaceShape to help you improve.

Many people don't realize how important knowing your face shape is when it comes to picking hairstyles, glasses or makeup. It's also tricky to figure out your own face shape just by reading tutorials, because most face shapes look very similar and it's difficult to look at yourself objectively.
For now, we've built a tool which can determine your face shape from a single picture. But this is not the end! We're building features which will let you try different hair colors, hairstyles, glasses and makeups directly within the app.

Our values


You should get what you're looking for easily, without having to go through hoops or dealing with confusing UIs. For example, FaceShape doesn't require any login.


FaceShape has been optimized to be as fast as possible on smartphones. For example, we didn't include any unnecessary code and the app itself has the size of about 2-3 high definition pictures.


We know that many people are concerned how their pictures are used and where they are uploaded. The pictures we collect are only used to improve our algorithms.

Feedback wanted

We want to make FaceShape even better. If you have any feedback or would like to receive updates, feel free to join our subreddit.