Oblong Face Shape

Characteristics of oblong faces

They appear longer and narrower. The jaw line is more straight vertically and tapers towards the chin. Sometimes, the face is longer in one area like the forehead or the chin.


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Hairstyles for oblong face shape

Since you have a long, narrow face, you should choose a hairstyle that makes your face appear shorter and wider than it is. Women should pick a haircut that adds volume and width to the sides of the face, such as a wavy bob. Men can balance out their features by choosing a short hairstyle that isn’t too tall on top or short on the sides.

Glasses for oblong face shape

In general, most glasses should work with this face shape. To balance the length of your face, try glasses which are longer rather than wider, since wider glasses will give the illusion of having an even longer face.

Recommended glass shapes
square style glassesgood glass
wayfarer style glassesgood glass
aviator style glassesgood glass
Glass shapes to avoid
rectangle style glassesbad glass

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