Triangular, oblong, rectengal, oval?

So I've been measuring out everything jawline 24,3cm, face length 18,7, cheek bones 16,4, forehead 13,75, and it told me that I'm triangular, but here it tells me that I'm oval/oblong/rectengal depending on the picture. So now I'm super confused. Witch am I now?

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Square ·82%
Oval ·9%
Heart ·9%
Rectangle ·0%
Triangle ·0%
Round ·0%
Oblong ·0%
Diamond ·0%
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I think it's a square or a rectangle, totally depends if your face length is longer or width is wider
Replied by BATAT · 789 · 1 months ago
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U look good
Replied by bamenanho1000 · 91 · 1 months ago
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