Why do pictures on here usually score much lower than they do on Photofeeler?

Even pictures of me or other people which score above a 9 on Photofeeler, most people rate a 8 or 7. Do people just have low rating standards on here?
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7 or 8 isn't much lower than 9, only slightly lower and well above average. Photofeeler is a paid service and by making people feel good about themselves, they would get them to do it more often I would think. Above 9 is like the best looking person in the whole world, you're a handsome guy but do you consider yourself to be the best looking ever? Also, it depends a lot on the picture and beauty is very subjective too.
Replied by Amber · 7098 · 20 days ago
Photofeeler seems to be pretty accurate in its scoring since it takes into account each person's voting style and so if someone gives you a high score but they consistently rate like that it won't raise your score as much as someone who usally rates lower. And I don't think above 9 is necessarily the best looking person in the whole world. I've seen multiple people in real life who I'd rate above 9, theyre just a lot less common. For me Id say: 10 = Drop dead gorgeous (about top 2%) 9-9.5 = Beautiful (about top 10%) 8-8.5 = Hot (about top 20%) 7-7.5 = Cute (about top 30%) 5 and 6 is average and anything lower than that is below average.
Replied by randyjones123 · 151 · 20 days ago
I think people have a misconception of 7 being "average". By definition, 5 is average (average aint bad, don't let people tell you average is bad). So anyone in the 7 or 8 range is in the upper percential when it comes to looks. Plus, these rating shouldn't really matter to you. Don't let the opinion of strangers on the internet dictate the way you carry yourself. Can be useful to get some outside opinions, but don't take things on here as an end all be all.
Replied by NotLilShrimp · 4 · 20 days ago
I definitley think 7 is above average but its the lowest above average score, anything lower than that is average to below average.
Replied by randyjones123 · 151 · 20 days ago

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