I need some advice!

What type of eyebrows do u guys think suits me best ? :)

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Shag cut ·71%
Bangs ·29%
Weave ·0%
Comma Hair ·0%
Afro ·0%
Surfer Hair ·0%
Spiky Hair ·0%
Pixie ·0%
Mullet ·0%
Long Hair ·0%
Lobcut ·0%
Jheri Curl ·0%
Hime Cut ·0%
Highlights ·0%
Half Updo Or Half Up ·0%
Frosted Tips ·0%
Fringes ·0%
Flipped-Up Ends ·0%
Feathered Hair ·0%
Cornrows ·0%
Caesar Cut ·0%
Bowl cut ·0%
Bouffant ·0%
Bob ·0%
Blowout ·0%
Big Hair ·0%
7 votes


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I think you have like an oblong face shape, so I'd recommend like a thicker eyebrow to balance out the length kinda, but your current one looks nice too!
Replied by Amber · 3386 · 3 months ago
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Thank u! 💜
Replied by Longfacex · 2 · 3 months ago
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you can try “eyebrow lifting” which is like the “soap brows” but done in professionally in salons, it would make your eyebrows more prominent and thicker and it would look balanced we could say, there’s nothing wrong rn either though <3
Replied by Bznshens · 32 · 3 months ago
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