Am I Heart/Diamond/Oval Shaped

Am I Heart Shaped, Diamond Shaped Or Oval Shaped Needs Your Recommendations,

  • I Have High Cheekbones,
  • Have Defined Jawline (In Old Pics, In New Pics it will not look so defined because of Fat)
  • Have Windows Peak
    But Now I am little confused Between Heart and Diamond Face Shape, Needs Your Recommendations.

Btw I Tried Using Hiface App It Says Heart Shape, I also Tried Faceshapeapp it says mix of oval and Heart.

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Oval ·83%
Diamond ·17%
Square ·0%
Rectangle ·0%
Heart ·0%
Triangle ·0%
Round ·0%
Oblong ·0%
6 votes


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Can You Tell Me Here, which and why
Replied by shehzadgillani4 · 11 · 23 days ago
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Replied by BATAT · 789 · 21 days ago
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Why reason kindly
Replied by shehzadgillani4 · 11 · 16 days ago
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