I have long hair and man bun right now but I want short hairs, what is my faceshape and what haircut will suit me best?

I looked at Michael B zordan and John Legend and I love their minimalistic haircuts.
Suggest me something that will suit me best.

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Business-Man Cut ·Business-Man Cut page25%
Pompadour ·Pompadour page25%
Slicked-Back ·Slicked-Back page25%
Comb Over ·Comb Over page13%
Short Back And Sides ·Short Back And Sides page13%
Bowl cut ·Bowl cut page0%
Brush Cut ·Brush Cut page0%
Buzz cut ·Buzz cut page0%
Caesar Cut ·Caesar Cut page0%
Cornrows ·Cornrows page0%
Crew cut ·Crew cut page0%
Fringes ·Fringes page0%
Frosted Tips ·Frosted Tips page0%
High And Tight ·High And Tight page0%
Highlights ·Highlights page0%
Hime Cut ·Hime Cut page0%
Induction Cut ·Induction Cut page0%
Jheri Curl ·Jheri Curl page0%
Long Hair ·Long Hair page0%
Low fade ·Low fade page0%
Mullet ·Mullet page0%
Professional Cut ·Professional Cut page0%
Quiff ·Quiff page0%
Skin fade ·Skin fade page0%
Spiky Hair ·Spiky Hair page0%
Surfer Hair ·Surfer Hair page0%
Undercut ·Undercut page0%
Afro ·Afro page0%
Bangs ·Bangs page0%
Comma Hair ·Comma Hair page0%
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I think you have more of an oblong/triangle face shape. A slick back with some volume and short sides might look pretty nice!
Replied by Amber · 1316 · 11 days ago
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Wow! This is my first time posting here. I didn't even think people would comment! Thank you very much for your suggestion.
Replied by Raiyan_36 · 8 · 11 days ago
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You're welcome! It's still a pretty small community, but there are more and more people everyday.
Replied by Amber · 1316 · 11 days ago
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