Finding out my Face shape (Help!)

I really need help with finding what my face shape is (This is kinda what I look like right now I don't know if losing weight will affect how my fave looks) and the 2nd pic is what I looked like when super skinny +younger
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Square ·75%
Round ·13%
Diamond ·13%
Oval ·
Rectangle ·
Heart ·
Triangle ·
Oblong ·
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oh my...you are the reverse of me. I had a extremely chunky and square lower jaw when i was younger because i ate on a lot of hard snacks. Now currently thanks to combination of braces and diet control I managed to slim down my face to look less square so yea u can try that
Replied by NoSirPlsDont · 65 · 1 months ago
So if I lose weight my face shape will change?
Replied by Aussie · 2 · 1 months ago

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