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I think a cleaner (shorter) haircut and some nice clothes would be a big improvement.
Replied by Amber · 4192 · 16 days ago
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Hey buddy, I've got some things to say( but a big disclaimer I might be wrong I'm no perfect but let's just consider some facts.) 1. A picture taken opposite to light is usually not appealing so it's certainly better to take pictures in abundance of light. 2. A curly hair would look great if it's set properly or styled well. 3. A smile makes the face a lot more square on the jaw area. 4. Smiling also makes eyes look amazing in all the cases. 5.Also a good skin care automatically emanates beauty. Now this includes more of diet and hydration and regular cleaning and moisturizing than products or treatment. So these are some things which are quite universal and if you agree to any of these why not give it a try. Also I believe that in real life you could be a solid 7. 5 or more.
Replied by Uti · 215 · 14 days ago
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