Rate me am I crazy to think that I need upper eyelid surgery my mum and gran think so its obviously not natural eyelids

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8 ·27%
7 ·18%
5 ·9%
4 ·9%
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I think your eyelids look fine, I doubt anyone would have noticed anything different without you mentioning it. If it's purely cosmetic (as in, it doesn't affect your life otherwise), surgery is probably overkill.
Replied by Amber · 5192 · 1 months ago
Honestly might just kill myself if this issue dont get revolved feel like anyone who disagrees and doesn't want to see me as good looking ain't fair I hate my life my eyelid fuck me over so much I look retarded I ain't
Replied by Whatsmyfaeshape · 22 · 1 months ago
Omg pls relax your eyes are fine asf, we are speaking truth to you nothing else, you're good! 😥😊
Replied by BATAT · 1133 · 1 months ago
Replied by Amber · 5192 · 1 months ago
Um, it's nowhere near as bad as you make it sound, it looks normal. Though it sounds like you might be affected by body dysmorphic disorder, highly recommend that you seek out professional help instead of having those thoughts.
Replied by Amber · 5192 · 1 months ago
Replied by Ian211787 · 125 · 15 days ago
Your right eye lid is fine just left eye lid is little bit downward ask doctor if there is any solution
Replied by Saurabhjuvekar · 1 · 1 months ago
Replied by Whatsmyfaeshape · 22 · 26 days ago

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