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I want to change my haircut and I was thinking about the buzz cut , would it fit me?
or give me suggestions

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Comb Over ·60%
Buzz cut ·30%
Bowl cut ·10%
Brush Cut ·0%
Business-Man Cut ·0%
Caesar Cut ·0%
Cornrows ·0%
Crew cut ·0%
Fringes ·0%
Frosted Tips ·0%
High And Tight ·0%
Highlights ·0%
Hime Cut ·0%
Induction Cut ·0%
Jheri Curl ·0%
Long Hair ·0%
Low fade ·0%
Mullet ·0%
Pompadour ·0%
Professional Cut ·0%
Quiff ·0%
Short Back And Sides ·0%
Skin fade ·0%
Slicked-Back ·0%
Spiky Hair ·0%
Surfer Hair ·0%
Undercut ·0%
Afro ·0%
Bangs ·0%
Comma Hair ·0%
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You have like an oblong face shape, usually you'd want to keep your hair a bit longer (like in the 2nd pic, it looks perfect), but buzzcut could work too. If you google for "oblong face shape buzz cut", you'll see some pictures of what it might look like.
Replied by Amber · 5180 · 1 months ago
bro i think you would look very nice with a buzzcut, i think the beard u got going on in the 2nd pick would look nice with the buzz cut aswell!!!
Replied by lucasblack · 2 · 5 days ago

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