Can you suggest a good haircut for me please?馃檮

Recently I found out my face shape is mix of oval and triangle face shape according to this site but I couldn't find any proper hairstyle please suggest one if you are a hair styler thanks alot.馃槉馃槏

#Hairstyle #haircut #help #please 27 days ago by
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Business-Man Cut43%
Crew cut21%
Comb Over21%
Short Back And Sides7%
Caesar Cut0%
Buzz cut0%
Brush Cut0%
Bowl cut0%
Comma Hair0%
Surfer Hair0%
Spiky Hair0%
Skin fade0%
Professional Cut0%
Low fade0%
Long Hair0%
Jheri Curl0%
Induction Cut0%
Hime Cut0%
High And Tight0%
Frosted Tips0%
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