What’s my face shape

I’m getting bangs this week. Trying to find out how blunt/tapered they need to be. It says I’m a mix of oval and heart shaped and that can make a big difference with bangs. Can you guys tell me which one I am? Excuse my face. I’m breaking out so bad.

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Heart ·Heart page67%
Oval ·Oval page33%
Square ·Square page0%
Rectangle ·Rectangle page0%
Triangle ·Triangle page0%
Round ·Round page0%
Oblong ·Oblong page0%
Diamond ·Diamond page0%
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I'd say it's more of a heart than oval, though there's definitely oval. Good luck, the bangs would suit you imo!
Replied by Amber · 1353 · 2 months ago
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Thank you so much!
Replied by Lexxie · 4 · 2 months ago
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Replied by Sk8techick · 39 · 2 months ago
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I would say that tapered bangs would look better and to let you see the blunt here, I screenshotted pictures of bangs and used the snap chat scissors and pasted them to your face, sorry if that's weird
Replied by AkaTheNerd · 6 · 2 months ago
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