What hairstyle would suit me?

I’ve been think of getting a loose-curls perm. Or possibly an ombre at some point within this and the next year. I’m also willing to do frosted tips. My 26-inch hair is making me reluctant to do anything drastic. My hair is 26 inches long, slightly silky, normal thickness, my face shape is oval-heart mix and I have virgin hair.

Here’s my preference list going from best to good/crazy but cool. (Other than number 10)

  1. Loose Curls (Perm)
  2. Blonde Ombre
  3. Blonde Tips
  4. Tight Waves
  5. Silver Tips
  6. Silver Ombre
  7. Dark Red/Pinkish Red Ombre
  8. Dark Blue Ombre
  9. Lob - long in front, short in back (crazy!)
  10. Keep how it is
    What do you think???
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10 ·40%
2 ·20%
1 ·10%
3 ·10%
6 ·10%
8 ·10%
4 ·0%
5 ·0%
7 ·0%
9 ·0%
10 votes


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I think your current hairstyle looks pretty good! That said, if you want to change, little bit of blonde and a lob/bob cut would work too I'd say, not so sure about the perm.
Replied by Amber · 3331 · 2 months ago
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I prefer current hairstyle
Replied by Trisha · 31 · 2 months ago
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I LOVE the hairstyle you currently have. It looks amazing. If you wanted to change it a lot then I'd do a lob. That would look good too.
Replied by Dobbyyy · 55 · 2 months ago
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Long straight middle part
Replied by Sam556643 · 27 · 1 months ago
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