What is my faceshape?

This app gives me a bit of mixed signals. Almost always it says heart face shape but usually it’s mixed with someone else like square or oval faceshape. So I can’t say for certain on what type my faceshape is. Thanks :)

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Triangle ·64%
Oblong ·23%
Heart ·14%
Diamond ·0%
Round ·0%
Rectangle ·0%
Square ·0%
Oval ·0%
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I think the app is wrong with heart, for heart you need broader forehead and most of these pics make it seem like your jaw is broader than your forehead, but not by much, so I'd say probably a triangle shape and maybe slight oblong.
Replied by Amber · 3869 · 2 months ago
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Replied by BATAT · 684 · 2 months ago
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You look similar to scott hoying.
Replied by exir596 · 53 · 1 months ago
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