How could I cut and color my hair?

I've had it super long as well as chin length (the shortest I think I can go). Right now it's medium length and dark brown (natural). Can't figure out if I have an oval or heart shape. Pretty sure I'm warm toned.
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Long Hair ·Long Hair page33%
Half Updo Or Half Up ·Half Updo Or Half Up page22%
Shag cut ·Shag cut page17%
Bob ·Bob page11%
Highlights ·Highlights page11%
Bangs ·Bangs page6%
Big Hair ·Big Hair page0%
Blowout ·Blowout page0%
Bouffant ·Bouffant page0%
Bowl cut ·Bowl cut page0%
Caesar Cut ·Caesar Cut page0%
Cornrows ·Cornrows page0%
Feathered Hair ·Feathered Hair page0%
Flipped-Up Ends ·Flipped-Up Ends page0%
Fringes ·Fringes page0%
Frosted Tips ·Frosted Tips page0%
Hime Cut ·Hime Cut page0%
Jheri Curl ·Jheri Curl page0%
Lobcut ·Lobcut page0%
Mullet ·Mullet page0%
Pixie ·Pixie page0%
Spiky Hair ·Spiky Hair page0%
Surfer Hair ·Surfer Hair page0%
Afro ·Afro page0%
Comma Hair ·Comma Hair page0%
Weave ·Weave page0%
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