Want a new hairstyle, what do you guys think would work?

Tired of current hair, want to change to something new but don't know what to go for. I like having medium length hair (between a few inches to a bit shorter than what I have now). Curtains I like more than my current style but I don't think it works with my oblong/heart face. I could tie my hair back but I like having a bit of volume top and sides.

Any help appreciated :)

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Short Back And Sides ·50%
Buzz cut ·13%
Low fade ·13%
Undercut ·13%
Comma Hair ·13%
Bowl cut ·0%
Brush Cut ·0%
Business-Man Cut ·0%
Caesar Cut ·0%
Comb Over ·0%
Cornrows ·0%
Crew cut ·0%
Fringes ·0%
Frosted Tips ·0%
High And Tight ·0%
Highlights ·0%
Hime Cut ·0%
Induction Cut ·0%
Jheri Curl ·0%
Long Hair ·0%
Mullet ·0%
Pompadour ·0%
Professional Cut ·0%
Quiff ·0%
Skin fade ·0%
Slicked-Back ·0%
Spiky Hair ·0%
Surfer Hair ·0%
Afro ·0%
Bangs ·0%
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Do you have any pictures with shorter hair?
Replied by Amber · 4192 · 10 days ago
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That first photo isn't too bad now I look at it, my hair would look different now I don't break up my curls all the time. Still not a fan of the final photo, always disliked when my hair looked that short.
Replied by beano · 14 · 10 days ago
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I think that 1st picture looks really nice, by far the best imo, you almost look like an actor or something! 2nd pic is also pretty decent, and I agree with you, because your curls are pretty strong, when it's that short, it's not ideal, it looks a bit dry too.
Replied by Amber · 4192 · 10 days ago
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It definitely was dry haha thank you for your opinions :) Before I go back to that one and since I'm looking for a new style could I ask if you think this kind of cut would look like on me? I'm thinking my forehead might be too big for it hah
Replied by beano · 14 · 10 days ago
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Yeah I think those would look nice too, your forehead size shouldn't matter since these have bangs.
Replied by Amber · 4192 · 10 days ago
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