What’s my face shape?

Also I have a few other questions if you are able to answer them:
-do I have high or low cheekbones?
-would you say I have a short medium or long mid face?
-what part of my face is the widest?
-I think my jawline is small/narrow but I also can’t tell? Can you tell what my jawshape is?

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Oblong ·67%
Heart ·14%
Rectangle ·10%
Oval ·10%
Diamond ·0%
Round ·0%
Triangle ·0%
Square ·0%
21 votes


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Low Cheekbones Long Mid Forehead widest Diamond shaped chin
Replied by CaseyG · 15 · 2 months ago
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Replied by ami323 · 24 · 2 months ago
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Hey can I get your insta id you really look cute 🥰
Replied by Allu · 4 · 1 months ago
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you have low cheekbones
Replied by Dobbyyy · 55 · 1 months ago
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