would you consider my smile unattractive :'(

just wondering honesty is welcome sorry i look so bad here no makeup hahah..so anyways alot of people seem to stare at my smile in a very condescending way.. what is your opinion please be honest but not too mean :( ...thank you if you respond

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No ·83%
Yes ·17%
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It looks fine, you have nice teeth!
Replied by Amber · 3860 · 10 days ago
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It seems pretty nice
Replied by Veronicawilliams1 · 30 · 9 days ago
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Let's be honest, I have seen your many posts before and i think this is one of the best ones, firstly you really look much good, very pretty without makeup, this suits you more (always do what you love), and with a smile you really look graceful and not low if you understand what I mean, keep doing you 😊
Replied by BATAT · 681 · 9 days ago
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Youre pretty evrything also your Smile
Replied by Cornie · 98 · 9 days ago
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So you think i am handsome...i wrote u this because you wrote me i have good yes😉
Replied by Cornie · 98 · 7 days ago
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It’s beautiful!
Replied by Jesu · 6 · 9 days ago
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