Is it really my face shape ???

I was told on the analysis that i have both a mixed of oval and heart shaped face is this true and if so should my eyebrows be more sharp angled or rounded down more? i can pretty much grow them to be whatever shape ive had shape shifting eyebrows for awhile now they were round and short once and even straight.

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Heart ·68%
Oval ·23%
Round ·9%
Square ·0%
Rectangle ·0%
Triangle ·0%
Oblong ·0%
Diamond ·0%
22 votes


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I think the heart/oval combo sounds about right. Looking good :)!
Replied by Justin1213 · 28 · 1 months ago
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I think brow shape wise, both can work, but it would be better thicker.
Replied by Amber · 4192 · 1 months ago
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