Am I attractive?

I just thought I'd ask the blunt question because I honestly don't know. I'm super insecure about my nose, chin, and smile (already had braces but still not happy) but I've had just about everything but my eyes insulted at some point in my life. Even got mistaken for a man, twice. I usually average around 7 on rate me stuff, but everything is so subjective so if you find me attractive, would date, or just find aestically pleasing please rate yes. If you say no, if you could please comment why you think that so I can look at feedback that would be great. You won't offend me. I just want a general idea of how people view me. Thank you lovely faceapp people. (Most photos are unfiltered, 5 and 10 have slight lighting filters but that's it.)

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It is impossible to think that you are a man. When I look at you I just see a young and pretty woman. I give you a 7.5 馃檪
Replied by Galina5514 days ago
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I know I might be asking too much for myself, but is there any way for me to get higher than that? In your opinion at least? I like getting advice, but don't worry, ultimately I still make my own decisions.
Replied by OrangeRoll20614 days ago
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Honestly I think you鈥檙e really beautiful and your own physical quirks make you really attractive. I like your bold choice in hair (if it鈥檚 all natural, wow!) And I think your style is very much if cottagecore meets grunge and had a hybrid. Obviously, if you want to spice up your looks and try something new, try some bold liner (not the little baby wings) Your overall look is very bold, and a bold eyeliner would compliment you. I would try looking up the hooded eyeliner trend on TikTok, or just making sure you have a very bold tail. And don鈥檛 be shy to wear patterned tights with your shorts, to further compliment your bold aesthetic you have. Good luck!
Replied by Astrollama310 days ago
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You look beautiful! I would give you an 8. The hair colour suits you, but I think you would be prettier with some colour, that isn't this bright
Replied by rateme17438 days ago
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seriously you're really beautiful
Replied by lyclia76 days ago
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