What other facial feature would you like to see detected?

Hey folks,
We'll be adding more facial feature detections, such as age, fitzpatrick scale, bmi approximations, eye shapes, etc. Are there other facial features you'd like to see.
Let us know in the comments below!

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I honestly dont get if the app is accurate sometimes i would get oblong and oval then others I would legit get heart then today i tested app and it said heart and oval but when I usa different website I get same results
Replied by jabby · 118 · 1 months ago
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And apparently it says diamond as more then one result
Replied by jabby · 118 · 1 months ago
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Thanks for the feedback! So it really depends on the picture that you're using, for example the angle of your face could make it look like a different shape. For most accurate results, you need to look straight to the camera with the hair pulled back. And if you still don't trust the app's results, you can just create a post with your picture and the community will vote to get you more accurate results. That's why we have the community option in addition to the app itself.
Replied by FaceShape (official) · 263 · 29 days ago
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Ok i have a question does it determine your faceshape based on where your at because i get different results in different places for other people
Replied by jabby · 118 · 10 days ago
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