Why do people always say Im good looking in real life but my pictures always score low?

In real life people have frequently complimented me on my looks out of nowhere without me even asking. And Ive gotten randomly stared at and crushed on by more girls than I can even count. But whenver I submit a picture online it I always recieves low to average scores? Why is this. Am I just taking bad pictures?

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It could be because you need to take better pictures or it could be because on the internet, there's lots of really good looking people and/or photo shopped pictures which skews people's impressions. For example, another way of putting it is, in your daily life, most people you see are going to be average looking, so being good looking will make you stand out, but on the internet, there's tons of really good looking people which means even if you're good looking by most standards, it'll be classified average on the internet, especially if the picture isn't well taken. Instead of asking people to rate your attractiveness, you can take 2-3 different pictures (with variety, not just selfies, etc) and ask them which picture of you is best looking, so that you can compare yourself against yourself to improve. Hope that helps!
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Yes thank you
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One other thing that exists on the internet besides people looking a lot better than you and being compared to….are people that are known as, “Trolls!” You’ll find em a lot on forums on the internet who their sole purpose is to bring you down with they’re miserable themselves! Watch out for those!
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