How can I fix the area on top of my eyes? They make my eyes look sad and my eyebrows too

Also, the area above my lip sticks out, how can I get rid of that? And I have dark circles, and how can I get rid of the pointy type chin? How can I make my eye crease less visible, and makes my eyes less hollow? That’s it thanks!

Lol, I was smiling when I was taking this pic, but I am a funny person, I don’t look good in photos and sound bad in videos.

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First comb your eyebrows upwards with brow brush try to make them in arc shape for that you can use soap as well so that they can remain in arched shape also you can use a simple brow pencil to add lil bit texture and to make them look up lifted . there are pently of tutorials on YouTube about drawing perfectly arched eyebrows check them out. You might find some of them really helpful.
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