Why are most people on here scoring a 7 or above now?

Is 7 the new average score or something? Why is it that nearly every picture posted gets voted a 7 by most people, even when the person is relatively average?
Posted 12 days ago by


I've noticed that. Alot of decent looking people have been posting on here which is part of the reason. However, I do agree with your statement In that there are alot of people who are painfully average getting above average scores. I think it's mainly due to the fact that people sugar coat things. Btw Randy if you want to know what your accurate rating is, download reddit if you don't have it and visit truerateme sub and post there.
Replied by washay6674 · 611 · 10 days ago
It was weird because for a couple days almsot everyone was scoring a 7 or higher but now it's mainly gone back to 5 or 6. And I just checked out the True Rate Me sub. The ratings on there are a joke. 5.5 is above average, what?
Replied by randyjones123 · 151 · 9 days ago

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