Got a haircut rate it I'll take 3

At least it fits with my glasses. And how do you get volume on your hair. My hairs thin af. I WILL GLADLY TAKE 3 MY BAD ITS CAPS.

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6 ·45%
1 ·9%
4 ·9%
7 ·9%
8 ·9%
9 ·9%
10 ·9%
2 ·0%
3 ·0%
5 ·0%
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I look ugly af. How do you style thin hair to look like this with more volume or thickness as you can see I m struggling
Replied by Nightmare · 19 · 13 days ago
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Replied by blablabla369 · 71 · 8 days ago
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Picked it when I was youngish I had no taste then. If you can recommend me what kind of glasses should I get. ( Broke my frames cuz I was headbanging to metal.🥴)
Replied by Nightmare · 19 · 5 days ago
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