Do I look male or female? And what glasses would suit me

Posted 1 months ago by


Wayfarer ·78%
Browline ·11%
Geometric ·11%
Aviator ·0%
Oval ·0%
Rectangle ·0%
Square ·0%
Round ·0%
9 votes


You look wonderfull!!
Replied by HFalcon12 · 62 · 1 months ago
I would say feminine but tom boyish, I had a very androgynous look up until I was say 13, so did Brad Pitt for that matter. I didnt vote on any of your choices because none of them are right for your specifically. I think you look smart and introspective, so you need interesting person glasses, get some square shaped half frames with the metal side coming from the bottom.
Replied by Rhydian · 4 · 1 months ago

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