What Hairstyle Should I Try and what beard, Tell Me Please.

What Face Shape I am of, what hairstyle should i try and what beard and mustache will look good, Recommendation please

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Quiff ·100%
Bowl cut ·0%
Brush Cut ·0%
Business-Man Cut ·0%
Buzz cut ·0%
Caesar Cut ·0%
Comb Over ·0%
Cornrows ·0%
Crew cut ·0%
Fringes ·0%
Frosted Tips ·0%
High And Tight ·0%
Highlights ·0%
Hime Cut ·0%
Induction Cut ·0%
Jheri Curl ·0%
Long Hair ·0%
Low fade ·0%
Mullet ·0%
Pompadour ·0%
Professional Cut ·0%
Short Back And Sides ·0%
Skin fade ·0%
Slicked-Back ·0%
Spiky Hair ·0%
Surfer Hair ·0%
Undercut ·0%
Afro ·0%
Bangs ·0%
Comma Hair ·0%
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