whats my face shape and what hairstyle should i go for

my cheekbones are wider than my jawline and forehead but my forehead has a windows peak, is my face shape a mix of diamond and heart? I have 2c hair and i intend to grow it out longer, what hairstyle would fit me best?

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Diamond ·93%
Rectangle ·7%
Oblong ·0%
Round ·0%
Triangle ·0%
Heart ·0%
Square ·0%
Oval ·0%
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I think that long Hairstyles will be good for you. aniway you are very handsone
Replied by MatheusMaxunamon · 39 · 19 days ago
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I think it's just diamond! widow's peek usually receeds much further in the hairline giving delusion of heart shape, but I don't see it in your case
Replied by BATAT · 681 · 18 days ago
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