I been hurt by to many people

Why am I being hurt by too many people in life am I unattractive what wrong with me

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People hurt others independent of their attractiveness. Maybe change the people around you or change the place you live for someplace nicer?
Replied by Amber · 4192 · 18 days ago
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Am I unattractive
Replied by Luckystrikeblonde30 · 9 · 18 days ago
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Not at all.
Replied by Amber · 4192 · 18 days ago
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thats tuff
Replied by lilnixon · 44 · 17 days ago
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Replied by Luckystrikeblonde30 · 9 · 17 days ago
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Sad But i think nobody can have power to hurt u If u allow then people hurt u
Replied by waleedahmadarif · 23 · 14 days ago
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Your not unattractive. Maybe do something about the undereyes. This photo of you looks much better! The others photos I've seen that you have posted of yourself looked very trashy.
Replied by Without a name · 54 · 13 days ago
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You should start watching TMF https://www.youtube.com/c/Teachingmensfashion
Replied by carno · 26 · 9 days ago
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